Located in one of the most beautiful and quietest areas of Abuja, Jades Hotels offers all services to make sure that your stay is simply unforgettable. With direct access to the best parts of the city from the hotel facilities, you will feel privileged, being able to enjoy not only the natural beauty of its environment, but also the possibility of caring for your body and mind in an environment which encourages enjoyment and relaxation: gym, spa, wellness, beauty treatments, swimming, etc.

Everything at Jades Hotels is conceived for you to let yourself be seduced by the authentic luxury of Abuja: from its rooms, perfectly equipped and with all conveniences, to the restaurant where you can try delicious dishes, to its wide range of wellness services and the possibility of organising all types of event which will be a guaranteed success. Have you ever thought of having a unique experience and feeling that you are surrounded by luxury in all details, the light of peace and tranquillity, and the luxury of having all the time in the world? Jades Hotels is the answer to your dreams – the best option for living in luxury to the greatest extent, in the most beautiful part of Abuja.